Australia Travelogue Day 3 – Beach!

Writing these at the end of the day means you get me at my most sleepiest. Enjoy the magic.

My dad was going to the university in Sydney to have a meeting with this guy (an important space guy, actually. Pretty awesome. He was a big deal on the Mars rovers.) so we drove him into Sydney and then C and c and I went to DA BEACH. C brought boogie boards, and c and I brought SO MUCH ENTHUSIASM (and a camera, on my part – hence the pictures!) and it was awesome. C has the only pictues of me boogie boarding, so I can’t show you that, but it was super fun and RIDICULOUSLY tiring. Also, there were these amazing clifs and I went on a walk by myself along the cliff tops and it was also super great. Dunno how much explanation this set of pictures really needs. Drop me a comment if you have questions about any of them! Actually comment anyway, I like knowing that people are reading / interested. To the people I know IRL who are reading this: I love you lots! I miss you! To anyone else, sup. Thanks for checking out my blog.

2015.04.12-18.04.16 - Australia

Passion fruit with breakfast! SO DELICIOUS. Seriously. Had my first passion fruit yesterday, and it was awesome, but today I remembered to take a picture.

2015.04.12-20.51.05 - Australia-2

This is the guy. The space guy. I shook his hand, which means I’m either 2 or 3 degrees from Curiosity, depending on if he ever actually touched it while doing mission planning. (Z, I’ll see if I can get you an introduction. Obviously. <3)

2015.04.12-21.09.30 - Australia-2

I saw this great bird. I think it’s an ibis? Or something? Anyway it’s great.

2015.04.12-21.29.37 - Australia-2 2015.04.12-22.14.45 - Australia-2 2015.04.13-12.43.22 - Australia-2 2015.04.13-12.52.51 - Australia-22015.04.13-13.20.53 - Australia-2 2015.04.13-12.58.27 - Australia-2      2015.04.13-15.18.44 - Australia-22015.04.13-13.05.24 - Australia-2 2015.04.13-13.14.53 - Australia-2 2015.04.13-13.18.41 - Australia-2 2015.04.13-13.20.07 - Australia-4  2015.04.13-15.15.36 - Australia-2


2 thoughts on “Australia Travelogue Day 3 – Beach!

  1. I am so glad you are blogging because then I will miss you less!

    That’s a great ibis and I wish I was on that boardwalk.

    Get lots of sleep and say hi to the next cool wildlife you see for me ❤

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