Australia travelogue – day 4, for reals – travelling mostly

Today consisted basically of packing up and getting ready to go to Pebbly Beach. C’s cousin Jo came by and brought us snacks: kangaroo-shaped crackers for c (they’re a lot like goldfish crackers), and mini rice cakes and an ENTIRE CHOCOLATE CAKE for me. Well, we shared the chocolate cake. We talked about what nursing training used to be like, and I realised how much I don’t know about the histories of the adults in my life. Spoiler alert: a lot.

We stopped outside what I can only assume was a 1:1 scale model of a regular sized Merino (a type of sheep), and arrived in Canberra in the early evening.

2015.04.14-11.50.36 - untitled shoot


2015.04.14-11.51.20 - untitled shoot

GF chocolate cake, packed up to go on the trip with us. Not shown: the quarter of the cake we ate for breakfast.

2015.04.14-16.17.51 - untitled shoot

2015.04.14-16.52.36 - untitled shoot

The sheep here are much bigger than the ones in Canada.
2015.04.14-16.51.37 - untitled shoot



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