Australia Travelogue – update / last day

Well, it’s early evening on the last day of my stay in Aus. I just got back from the Hawksbury show (a kind of fall fair type type dealie) and have been packing up and preparing for my flight home. It occurred to me just now that my last post was on a bit of a grumpy note, so I’m taking a break from packing to reassure everyone that I’m in a much better mood now and that my trip has been great.

To my family and friends from Australia: Thanks for making my trip really special. I’m glad I met / spent time with you, and I’ll think fondly of you whenever I look back on this trip.

To my family and friends in Toronto: I missed you! I’m really excited to get to see you again. Soooooon.

Look out for more posts (hopefully) as I sort through my pictures and finally upload the rest of the days I’ve missed!


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