Australia travelogue – Days 1 and 2

I’m in Australia! I thought about making a separate blog for this, but then I was like: Hey. Hey hey hey. You literally already have a blog. FUN FACTS! I am still super jet-lagged. My writing will reflect this. Prepare your brain.

Day -0.5:

Somehow got confused and went to the airport for 8 am instead of 8 pm. Woke up at 3 am to do it, too. Went home, slept, went back. The seat next to me in the airplane was unoccupied, which made the 22 hour trip EXTRAORDINARILY BEARABLE. Like, unimaginably bearable. I can’t even understand how bearable it was. AMAZING.

Day 1:

Arrived in Sydney. Wandered around the harbour a bit, including a short stroll through the outskirts of the botanical gardens, and a visit to a gallery that sold absolutely incredible contemporary aboriginal art. It was seriously gorgeous. Then we went home to a house in the country, and went on a nice walk. I saw some termite mounds (c and I left some sticks for the termites), and some cool trees, and these horrifyingly sprawling ant hills of what I like to call “devil ants” because it’s actually less horrific than their real name (meat ants). Eeuuughgh. Did some drawing with c, which was great. Ate dinner around 6, and managed not to fall off the table and go to sleep on the floor through SHEER FORCE OF WILL.


2015.04.10-20.19.07 - Australia

Obligatory “Welcome to Australia” tourist pic

2015.04.10-20.23.06 - Australia

So … artsy …

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What are they lining up for?

2015.04.10-20.32.44 - Australia

First time in the Pacific (well, since the time I went to Hawaii when I was a tiny child)

2015.04.10-20.41.43 - Australia

Dad and C were really excited about this bird. Apparently it’s usually really shy. Why even do birds suddenly appear every time I am near? What’s that about?

2015.04.10-20.46.56 - Australia

This tree was extinct, but then it turned out not to be. Long story.

2015.04.10-21.49.42 - Australia

Cool bridge across from the Sydney Opera house. It’s probably famous or something, but I forget what it’s called.

2015.04.11-00.29.22 - Australia

Dad getting c ready to go outside. Note the industrial-sized sunscreen container.

Day 2:

Woke up at 4 am and stayed awake. Jet lag, man. What is it even? Got up for realsies around 9, I think, and C brought me breakfast because a) I was a zombie and b) she’s great. C drove me to a nearby small-town mall and we picked up some paint / brushes / canvas panels for me, and also some shorts, and also some shorts for c. The mall was a bit much in my befuddled state and we spent some time sitting outside as a break before going back into the fray for more shorts. Also, uncanny valley because the mall was basically identical to every mall I’ve ever been to but the brands and the stores were mostly different. Anyway, I’ve decided never to shop again, because shopping is the worst, and who needs stuff anyway? Whatever, man. Whatever. Went on a drive to see some Kangaroos, and also a cool river, and also a great forest. Seeing a forest with all different trees made me feel like I was actually in another country, rather than just alternate-universe Canada. It started raining like nobody’s business, and then we drove home and then the rain stopped and I got to drive a stick-shift car and now I’m writing this blog and then I will be asleep. I am at least 50% already asleep.


2015.04.12-02.38.52 - Australia

This kangaroo looks really different than the ones I’ve seen in the pictures…

2015.04.12-02.40.21 - Australia

Aha! Much better!

2015.04.12-02.54.00 - Australia

Look at this huge rock! It was huge!

2015.04.12-01.25.44 - Australia

Learning to drive a standard.